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Interior style classic house design in Istanbul

Nobili Design specialists have developed a new classic design of interior design consisting of Interior design classic house in Istanbul.

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Exterior design classic house in Istanbul

Architecture and interior design in classic style have the ability to last forever, regardless of the passing of time or contemporary influences. Architects from Nobili Design have put their footprint in a sublime way on the project, this emanating the stylish and elegant air of the classical period.

The interior design of the living space implied a fine, refined and delicate interior design. The main elements that appeal pleasantly to the look are the chosen colors, the parquet and the furniture. As far as the color of the room is concerned, it has been chosen for an open general shade, such as beige, cream and light gray colors, colors joined by the strong red, for a sophisticated elegance and classic sophistication. The beige-colored layered parquet offers a feeling of peace and quiet. Our specialists also opted for the choice of classic Italian furniture, a classic beige sofa and a red armchair, the rest of the furniture being white, a choice that enhances the feeling of comfort, elegance and suppleness. It is remarkable for the details that characterize this style, through the presence of decorative objects, decorative cornices, paintings, plants and the classic suspended chandelier Ideal Lux Italia, specially chosen by architects from Nobili Design, for the elegance they emanate.

The design of the kitchen reveals the image of a timeless kitchen, detached from the classic films of the 1960’s. Gazzotti Italy's elaborate layered parquet and Italian white kitchen furniture illuminate the space, the shine note being provided by the chandelier and suspended lamps. The integrated Smeg branded appliances combine perfectly with furniture for optimal workspace functionality. The bedroom is loaded with precious details, all elements of this space being selected with chosen consideration. The white upholstered bed is classical, according to the chosen furniture, which is a white, matching table, along with the TV set. The coffee table and the gray chairs enhance the feeling of a classic space. In this regard, specialists also opted for a decorative wallpaper with classic designs, along with decorative profiles, as well as for decorative objects such as paintings, vases, flowers, decorative mirrors.

Adjacent to this room, Nobili Design's architects have also set up a classic white dressing to amplify the sense of order and balance. Classical classic furniture is arranged on both sides of dressing, facilitating the exploration of this space. The living room combines two distinct areas, an office area, furnished with a desk and a chair, and a relaxation area with a classic beige sofa. The decorative cushions of vivid colors, along with the unique design that brings together the paintings and the clock on the wall, mark the space in a touch of comfort and warmth. The two bathrooms further develop the features of the classic style, both in design, color and furniture.

The specialists have opted for a classic ceramic tiles and faience, warm colors, decorative, classic Italian bathroom furniture, large mirrors with details and free-standing baths, a scale of elegance and refinement. The interior design project made by our Nobili Design specialists stands out for their uniqueness, refinement and elegance, being ideal for classic style lovers.

Interior style classic house design in Istanbul