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Interior modern classical design house in Istanbul

Nobili Design has made a remarkable interior design project in Istanbul, our architects succeeding in capturing the two classic-modern styles in a perfect setting.

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Interior design classic style house in Istanbul

Classical style is remarkable by its naturalness, elegance, refinement, while modern style is novel, pragmatic. For classic style, attention is focused on the details that want to be refined, sophisticated, for modern style, the emphasis is on the functionality and organization of design elements for a perfect utility.

Designers at Nobili Design have created and transposed a mixed vision that involved the combination of both styles. In practice, this often results in a failure, as an excellent experience and vision is required, but the professionalism of Nobili Design has marked this project in a special and lovely way. As for the interior design of the living room, the architects combined the two styles by inserting classic elements and materials, but also modern ones. The living area is open-space with that of the kitchen, the characteristic feature of the modern style. Thus, modern furniture, such as a simple modern beige sofa and armchairs, as well as a classical one, such as the dark blue-packed kitchen table and chairs, as well as classic Italian white kitchen furniture with subtle details.

Appliances have been incorporated, creating a crossover of the classic style to the modern one, through the functionality and space organization. The Italian marble porcelain sandstone shines and exudes elegance, being highlighted by the classic Ideal Lux Italy chandeliers. The chromaticity of the space is so classic, inspired by the specific colors, namely white, beige, cream, but also modern, given by the vivid colors like blue, yellow or red. There are details such as decorative objects consisting of paintings, decorative mirrors, vases, plants or other accessories, but which do not load space, thus maintaining a balance between the two styles.

Both the main bedroom and the master bedroom combine classic and modern style details. Thus, the chosen parquet is layered, the Italian mark, the walls are decorated with classic wallpaper with fine details, and the Italian furniture accentuates the elegant and refined style of the rooms. Classic upholstered beds are in agreement with the chosen bedside tables, each bedroom with a special chrome. Thus, the chosen colors are both warm and strong, contrasting to the modern style. The use of gorgeous hanging chandeliers visually impacts eyes, decorative cornices and decorating objects with the same role.

The fact that Nobili Design specialists opted for the arrangement of the two bathrooms in different styles reveals in a unique and distinctive way the design of the two styles, namely the classic and the modern ones. Classicism is revealed in the first bathroom by significant details, such as the use of a free-standing bathtub, large mirrors with superb details, or a classic uncoupled sink. The simple, light purple sandstone and faience with simple details reveal the classic style in a warm note, while for the second bathroom it was preferred to replace the case with a shower cabin, as well as a tile and faience with simple details, aspects that are remarkable for modern style.

The interior design of the design classic modern style house design in Istanbul is part of the impressive prototype of Nobili Design architects, reflecting their professionalism and outstanding experience.

Interior modern classical design house in Istanbul