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Classic Interior Design Style for an Attic House in Istanbul

Classic style attic houses are always captivating interior design projects. Such a space allows you to choose from multiple interior design styles, however a classic decor style is ideal for those looking for a distinctive allure for the attic area. Such residential projects in Istanbul are part of the Nobili Design’s track record, the designers and architects dealing constantly with these types of projects.

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A classic interior design style requires furniture pieces imported from Italy, pieces that will bring together all of the essential elements of this particular style So, if you want a relaxation area in the attic, some cream or white furniture pieces can give the room a truly impressive allure, enhancing the space due to the chosen chromatics. And if the attic is a dark space, you can add large windows or you can incorporate lighting installations which have greater power. You can go for some classic sconces with crystals insertions or even a golden chandelier for that classy touch. There are lots of tips and tricks as well as practical solutions which only experienced designers can implement. If you want to make the attic into a bedroom, the designers suggest you opt for a king-sized panel bed made from massive wood in a neutral color.

The functionality of this room from a project that involves a classic attic house in Istanbul is important. If you want a truly imposing place, the furniture you add in this room must be just as opulent. The dressing can have matte glass insertions or even the nightstands as well, tapestried armchairs with luxurious textile are just a couple of suggestions that can bring that grandiose allure into such a room. Do no to be shy in choosing the best finishing touches and materials if you have a budget that allows you to do so. Go for a floor made out of natural stone or natural wood for the attic and of course the best materials. Because Nobili Design recommends first-class manufactures, the satisfaction of the clients is guaranteed. The clients are free to express their ideas while the specialists handle the implementation aspect.

No matter how unusual the client’s ideas are, the designers will consult with them on the creative side as well as on the costs. Anything can be accomplished, if the investment is a serious one. And resorting to specialists, the ideas, the applied solutions for a classic style attic can go from theory to practice.

Why trust Nobili Design? Because this specialized in interior design firms has a reputation that precedes them and because the talent, motivation and devotion they have in the commercial and residential projects recommends them!