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Interior design classic house in Istanbul

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Nobili Design is firm that has been highly sought out as far as architectural projects are concerned for luxurious houses and mansions in Istanbul. The owners of such properties resort to a team of specialists in order to obtain results based on their demands. Because the team behind the interior design project in a classic, modern or eclectic style can overcome any challenge, Nobili Design is always the number one choice.

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Before initiating de design of a classic style house, the architects implement a3D sketch which is a highly important step in any interior design project. Once completed this sketch, the client together with the designers can start selecting the materials or the finishing touches they wish to incorporate. And because quality comes first in a successful architectural project, the designer’s suggestion implies materials from the premium range. The producers we work with have never failed us in any project, so the clients that have always selected the premium range selected quality above anything else. For a classic house in Istanbul, we suggest massive wooden furniture with a stately vibe and grandiose elements such sculptures. For instance a white or crème king sized bed with a panel made from precious textile.

To complete this classic look, for a living room for instance we can choose accessories with a classy touch, antique decorative objects, crystal pieces or other such imposing works of art. We can include paintings or bronze and marble statues as a décor for the living area of a classic house in Istanbul. As for lighting installations, the premium range is yet again an inspired choice. This way, the potential clients can choose from a wide range of lighting installations with gold insertions or even glass. The specialists also recommend a classy ceiling by including some elegant perches, and for a classic kitchen or bathroom, tiles imported from Italy will satisfy any demands.

As for tones and shades, the designers consider that warm hues are a good choice, however if you want a more bold option, pick gold and burgundy colors. You can incorporate such colors in fancy wallpaper or even in the tapestry of the furniture. Anything can be projected into your own personal reality in a unique and personalized manner if you have a team of people with inspired and practical ideas by your side. An interior design project means time, costs, patience, however Nobili Design promises a result that will surpass one’s expectations.

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