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Interior design classic style house in Istanbul

Our specialists from Nobili Design have surprised a classic and exclusive environment for the classic interior design project in Istanbul.

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Classical architecture has its origins from the Roman and Greek antiquity. At that time it was the classic style that defined every home, way of building temples, or palaces.

Classic style denotes opulence, with wealthy people being the main beneficiaries of a luxurious and stylish style. Today, our specialists at Nobili Design manage to adapt the classic style in a way that preserves its essential features, but which is accessible to any person, depending on their preference, style or financial situation. The interior design project consisting of the classic house made by the architects from Nobili Design in Istanbul reveals exceptional features and remarkable details of the classic style. Thus, the living room reveals a warm, warm and pleasant space.

This is openly separated from the kitchen area, but each area is delimited differently, although a continuous note of the chosen elements and colors is retained. In terms of interior design, Nobili Design specialists preferred the introduction of classic Italian furniture, a creamy sofa and upholstered cream chairs, decorated with brown and dark blue pillows, for a chromatic similarity to the armchairs adjoining the area fireplace. The chosen fireplace is a classic one, which gives the whole room a special meaning. It has been opted for a classic Italian laminate of light color, in the same tone as the one chosen for decorative wall paint.

Specialists did not miss the the precious details such as the glittering chandelier, the charm and decorative profiles, the paintings, the mirrors, the plants, as well as the other decoration objects that preserve and enrich the classic air. The same classic air is found in the kitchen, which was arranged in the same style. The designers preferred classic white furniture made of solid wood, carved with fine details, preferring the incorporation of appliances to fit them perfectly. The hood, the aragant, the oven or the fridge were chosen from the Smeg range, our specialists recommending them for their superior quality.

The bedroom combines the same elegant and precious features of the entire room, and is also a classic white Italian furniture, which has the effect of enhancing the sense of elegance. The bed is upholstered, refined and stylished, and classical bedside nights are carefully crafted, with special details. The white and beige mirror is mirrored with the laminated parquet of the same shade, but also with the decorative paint on the walls and curtains, spatially closing into a special complex circuit. Adjacent to this area, architects from Nobili Design have also arranged a special, refined dressing. There is also an open-layered layered parquet and classic furniture with fine details, white, flat and spacious. The elegant air is also given by the warm and dazzled artificial light, offered by the Ideal Lux Italy chandelier, and suspended lamps.

The bathrooms feature a particular classicism, their interior setting being done in an intimate, warm and elegant note. It has been preferred to mount a sink incorporating furniture, one of which is free-standing, for a refined classical image. The sandstone and tile were chosen by our Italian specialists, its design and chrome being delicate, warm. And in these spaces it was preferred to insert classical chandeliers with an elegant note. Nobili Design's classical interior design project in Istanbul is ideal for a family who wants a warm, relaxing, stylish and balanced environment.

Interior design classic style house in Istanbul