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Interior design classic style house in Ankara

The classic design house design in Ankara, made by Nobili Design specialists, captures a luxurious, elegant and welcoming environment.

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Interior design classical luxury house in Ankara

Every person is looking to create a warm and comfortable space in which to feel at home. The interior design of a space must emulate all the aspects that shape the sense of balance, harmony and comfort.

Architects from Nobili Design have highlighted in their interior design project the classic house in Ankara all these details, resulting in a great complex project. Decorating the space has started with the living room, which is refined and sophisticated. The open-space living area is divided into a dichotomy. On the one hand, the living area, the relaxation area, and an area including the lobby and a waiting area are arranged. The layout of the space was targeted to the specific classic design, with a classic layered parquet of light color in the same note as the Italian luxury sofa and curtains, respectively the cream color.

Drapes are also assorted with classic burgundy red armchairs. The decorative decor highlights the magnificent chandelier Ideal Lux Italia, which gives space a luxurious and stylish air. Particular details such as sculpted frames of decorative paintings or mirrors, as well as wall profiles are designed to inspire the idea of comfort and relaxation. The classic white furniture of the Francesco Passi Italia brand is special in terms of the details it has been made of.

The kitchen area is spacious, so designers at Nobili Design have arranged the space in three different areas. A work area for which our specialists chose Italian massive classic Italian furniture, special for details, while choosing to incorporate Smeg appliances because of their functionality and superior quality. The second area is relaxing and partying together in the family, including a classic gray sofa and armchairs, while the third area has been reserved for dinner dining, with classic table and chairs. The general note of the space is a classic, elegant and refined, accentuated by the decorative details given by the chandelier and the suspended lamps, as well as the chrome and the decorations chosen for the walls.

The master bedroom is luxurious and sophisticated. Nobili Design's choice of a classic Italian sofa bed with a unique design, along with a classy, white classical furniture with precious details, outlines an extraordinary, light-filled environment. The second bedroom is decorated with special chrome, beige, cream and green opaline, with decorative wallpaper with simple, classic details, along with classic Italian furniture, including a beige upholstered bed and a classic sofa , beige, Italian, with golden decorations that help to enhance the feeling of elegance and suppleness.

The bathroom was designed by architects at Nobili Design in a refined style, and they are concerned about creating a relaxing environment. They have opted for a light-colored tile and faience, decorated with fine details, the insertion of classic white bathroom furniture with a built-in double sink, and a classic built-in tub for added classic refinement.

Our designers have marked this classic interior design project with refinement, flair and harmony.

Interior design classic style house in Ankara