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Interior design classic villa Sunflower Istanbul

The residential project from the Nobili Interior Design firm involves a team of professionals, architects, designers and engineers which are both dedicated and inspired. Each project represents a reflection of the client’s personality, so if you opt for the interior design services for your mansion or house, your desires will always come first. The thing that brings together a classic and stately style regarding a mansion is the defining elements which are carefully integrated by the Nobili Interior Design architects.

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Although this classic design style requires a lot more attention to details and it involves choosing fine and distinguished pieces, our team works closely with the most skilful classic furniture manufacturers. The pieces that are integrated in a room, regardless if we are talking about the bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen must represent the taste and esthetic affinities of the owner of the mansion. This means that the decision belongs to him, but under the guidance of talented and innovative designers, the client will choose the most exquisite decor elements and finishes.

Most of the times, a classic mansion should reflect finesse and elegance, mostly through the color palette which consists of warm shades. So, one can opt for beige walls even a pearly white wallpaper. The floor should also be in the same tones, so you can opt for pastel shades or a wooden floor in a wenge shade either in the kitchen or in the living room of the mansion. As for the decorations, mirrors and candle sticks, crystal vases and other porcelain elements are a must-have. A white marble fireplace may act as a stately piece in the living room of the mansion and some semi-columns may also be integrated if you are looking for a royal vibe.

As for the ceilings in a classic mansion, the designers choose decorative perches and even some borders or paintings. Adorning the ceiling is a key element in designing a classic mansion. This also applies with the lighting fixtures which may create a central point of the room in the classic mansion. You can opt for lighting installations that reflect some opulent lines with crystal or porcelain insertions. A gaudy wallpaper will radically change any room in your mansion, so consider this ingenious option as well. Each and every single element incorporated in the design of a classic mansion is carefully planned by the specialists.

Their recommendations and ideas will always be based on the personality and likes of the owner. If you want a successful interior design project or a complete makeover of your mansion, the team at Nobili Interior Design is the solution. Working closely with the best manufactures of classic furniture and other top suppliers, they can offer the most innovative solutions for a successful residential project.