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Exterior design classic house in Istanbul

The design exterior classic house in Istanbul was made by the architects from Nobili Design in a specific, special way.

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Interior design classical house in Istanbul

The fitting of a classic-style home must comply with the principle of the mirror. Thus, everything that is projected from the inside is reflected externally.

In other words, the design of the exterior must mirror that of the interior, which is why a classic interior space will be classic at exterior and vice versa. Nobili Design specialists have designed both inside and out a classic design house and terrace design in Istanbul. The exterior of the house is arranged in colors that are specific to the classic or light gray style. There are specific details, namely large windows, impressive and elegant white doors, black metallic stairs with circular, floral details, brick decorative wall, and classical hanging lighting systems.

Often the exterior appearance of a house can also predict its interior style. The exterior space of the classic house set up by designers at Nobili Design reveals the classicism of the 18th century, which is amazing and impresses a pleasant way today due to its elegance and refinement. The interior of the terrace is a great space, filled with warmth and comfort, the general note being of convenience and relaxation. The presence of a fireplace attributes to this room also in cold seasons, it can be used to warm the room, but also to create a relaxing and warm environment.

High doors allow full natural light, thus flooding the space with the idea of connecting with nature and green space outside. The main wall is decorative with an embossed brick design, while for the rest of the walls a decorative light gray paint is chosen, the same color being chosen for curtains. Simple beige sandstone accentuates the idea of warmth, but also of space. The chosen furniture is classic Italian, so classic gray sofa and armchairs, decorated with wooden elements. The table and chairs are complementary to the rest of the furniture, keeping the same color notes, respectively light brown and gray.

The solid wood beams in the ceiling, besides the main supporting role of the entire house, mark a sense of order and balance. Nobili Design specialists have arranged the classic-style terrace of the space, taking into account the other secondary features of the classical style, which endure it. Thus, with regard to the general environment of the terrace, it is circumscribed to the classic style and the details. The presence of the classic Ideal Lux Italy chandelier, as well as the suspended lamps provide an elegant ambience, but they also have the role of illuminating in an artificially pleasant and healthy space.

Architects from Nobili Design have introduced design elements and special decorations such as flower vases, potted plants at the window, decorative bowls, paintings or classic clock. The exterior and interior design made by Nobili Design architects reveals their experience and professionalism, managing to capture a relaxing, warm, comfortable yet elegant and refined environment in Istanbul.

Exterior design classic house in Istanbul