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Modern interior design style for house in Istanbul

An interior design project is directed to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere with pieces and accessories that bring together the interior design style that the client longs for. So if you are considering a redecoration of your house in Istanbul in an up-to-date style, with minimalist pieces, the modern interior design style is the one you need. A specialized interior design firm such as Nobili Design can help with complete services regarding such projects.

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Resort to these specialists if you want professional consultancy regarding the design of your house and an efficient management of costs regarding the project. Depending on the space of the house and that of the rooms, the designers and the architects will implement a 3D sketch which will help them see the bigger picture. In order for the interior design style to reflect the identity of the owner, the designers must fully grasp his preferences regarding the chromatics, certain accessories and other elements that will be a part of the modern interior design style.

When we say modern house, we think of ample spaces, bright and spacious with minimalist items. Too much mixing and matching of certain decoration elements should not be part of a modern style room, this is why the expert’s advice is welcomed. A mdf furniture with shelves for instance must be implemented in a room according to its shape and space. The architects will carefully measure each corner of the room to ensure that the furniture will fit perfectly. And because Nobili Design adapts to the client’s wishes, custom-made furniture is one of the solutions they propose.

Most of the times the owners of house, mansions and 2 or 3 bedroom apartments prefer custom-made furniture, this way they can be sure the interior design projects will be a success. Specialists propose you opt for quality materials such a multi-layered wooden floor or high quality tiles for a modern bathroom or kitchen. The Smeg-Franke appliances are a perfect match if your want to have them incorporated into the kitchen furniture pieces in order to gain more space. Add some stainless steel scones if you want to keep the modern allure, both for the kitchen area as well as for the rest of rooms in the modern house in Istanbul. We mustn’t neglect the decoration aspect in a modern decorated style house. However in order for a modern interior design style to evoke a minimalist vibe, designers suggest we keep the same simple and clear lines, without overcrowding the rooms. We can focus on interesting colors, shapes and textures in order to create a fresh and new look of the rooms from our interior design project.

Nobili Design guarantees the success of each project!