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Modern interior design in Istanbul

Our architects at Nobili Design have developed a modern interior design project consisting of interior design upstairs house in Istanbul.

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The modern style, cultural movement that has influenced all branches of society, starting with philosophy, literature, economics, technology, marketing, social sciences, etc. also affected the interior design and house arrangements.

The project that our interior design studio specialists have set up in Istanbul is suitable for modern people who have a modern lifestyle adapted to the cultural and trend changes. The interior design of a modern space differs from the arrangement of a classic space, from all points of view. Our designers have created a modern and contemporary vision for the house in Istanbul. The house was designed on two levels, namely a ground floor, including a hallway, living room, kitchen, and upstairs, including bathrooms and bedrooms. The living room presents a modern air, which impregnates this space of comfort, relaxation and non-conformism.

Our specialists have had a complex vision, resulting in a modern luxury design. The chosen furniture is of high quality, a Italian brand, with different colors being preferred, to avoid monotony. Thus, the TV chest, table and chairs are combinations of white and wenge, for the modern sofa it has been chosen as a light beige and a light gray for the armchairs. The drapes were chosen in the same note, respectively dark gray. The gray Italian stratified parquet is chosen by our specialists because of its quality and the dark-colored, dark-colored glass in the ceiling, outlines an optical image of a high ceiling and a luxurious modern space. The modern suspended chandeliers were chosen by our architects at Ideal Lux Italia, their appearance being ultramodern, having an essential role in creating a truly modern space.

The kitchen is ultramodern, with modern Italian luxury furniture and Smeg-branded home appliances, renowned for its superior quality. The color of the kitchen is innovative, the colors being specific to the modern style, respectively white, black, gray. Gazzotti Italy's layered parquet gives a modern air, being chosen for the elegancy that inspires the space. Modern decorative chandeliers create a sophisticated and refined environment. Glass is a main object of modern style, so our specialists did not miss these details. Glass is the object of focus in the kitchen, and the dark glass-covered ceiling engraves the room and creates an elegant ambience. The bedrooms were arranged by our specialists in the same modern style, the modern beds being the essence of their design.

Classical Italian furniture also gives elegance and refinement to bedrooms, their color being in continuity with the rest of the house. Thus, besides the basic colors used, beige, gray, black and white, there are the color spots attributed to the curtains and decorative pillows in purple or yellow color. A decorative paint for gray walls was chosen, while the main wall opted for a modern wallpaper that modernizes the overall look.

The interior design of the bathroom implied the choice of an Italian-style, light, modern tile and faience with simple details. The same simple details have been preserved for bathroom furniture, which is made up of vertical and horizontal shapes, shapes specific to the modern style, as well as glass shower cabins, to the detriment of a bathtub. Simplicity is the word that describes this space, the general note being intimacy and modernism.

The modern interior design project in Istanbul is the ideal choice for people who want something new, different, a relaxing and elegant environment.

Modern interior design in Istanbul