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Interior design classical luxury house in Ankara

Interior design classical luxury house in Ankara Interior design project realized in Ankara by architects from Nobili Design, consisting of interior design with upstairs house, arranged in classical luxury style.

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Classicism in architecture is increasingly preferred in exchange for modern style, as it has some features that make this style a special one. Elegance, refinement, comfort and refinement are some of the main features of this style.

The interior design of the house in Ankara implied the reunion of these features, resulting in a great project. The living room features a warm and elegant ambience. Specialists at Nobili Design have opted for luxury Italian classic furniture, characterized by fine details. The color chosen for the sofa and classical upholstered armchairs, warm beige, along with the complementary color chosen for the Italian layered parquet Gazzotti Italia, enhances the sense of elegance, being representative of the classic style.

The luxury chandelier suspended with Ideal Lux Italia crystals and suspended lamps are specially chosen by Nobili Design architects for an artificial diffusion of the living room, also enhancing the sensation of warmth and elegance. Decorative cornices and decorative profiles, along with decorative paint for creamy walls, and vaporous curtains of the same shade, outline a comfortable, relaxing ambience. The burgundy red for curtains encompasses the entire chrome, closing the circle of the whole space. The hall emanates shine thanks to the two focus elements, the marble-shaped grille and the luxurious chandeliers, and the stairs are sculpted in fascinating details.

The interior design of the kitchen was aimed at designing a functional, functional space, but loaded with classical elements such as decorative crowns, decorative objects or decorative profiles. And in this room, a classic white Italian Italian furniture, Francesco Passi Italia, was chosen for the golden details. The kitchen area is delimited in three distinct workspaces, including the Smeg branded appliances, a dining area, and an adjoining relaxation area featuring a classic Italian sofa and a TV.

Our specialists have opted for a porcelain porcelain tile in Italy with fine details, the chromaticity of which is in line with the rest of the kitchen, namely cream, beige, white. The bedrooms relate to distinctive relaxation and comfort spaces, which are furnished with luxurious, upholstered beds, classic white Italian Italian luxury furniture, with carved details, layered parquet. The dominant colors are beige, heavy and light gray, although contrasting colors, chosen for curtains and decorative cushions, are also found. The chandeliers and lamps give a bohemian air, and details such as vases, plants, mirrors or decorative paintings delight in the room.

The entire bathroom bears the distinctive signs of classicism. The chosen ceramic and tile models are refined, with style, in classic colors. The white kitchen furniture with the golden sink is in tune with the chandelier, while the large white free-standing white tubing outlines the idea of the classicism of the past era.

The interior design project consisting of the classical luxury house in Ankara is a project created by our Nobili Design specialists with passion and dedication.

Interior design classical luxury house in Ankara