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Interior design classic house Istanbul

The interior design project made by the architects from Nobili Design in classical style in Istanbul reflects a luxurious and refined ambience.

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Interior classic design style house in Istanbul

Over time, the classic style was introduced in different lights, so now may seem difficult to capture it in a pleasant original classic, but experts from Nobili Design, due to their skills and experience in the market, have managed to achieve a complex project that shows pure classics in a flat space. The interior design of the floor-space in Istanbul was made by the interior design studio in an orderly manner, each detail contributing to the perfectly created environment.

The ground floor begins with a spacious, bright living room with special visual effects, with remarkable details and subtle focus points. The luxurious laminate flooring transposes space in the past, with the overall elegance note being made by luxury furniture, the warm sofa and upholstered armchairs, the dinner area, including the white and black chairs and chairs, the white TV combo and the piano. Decorative paint for light-colored walls, including decorative patterns, along with the huge Italian luxury chandelier, decorative suspended chandeliers, as well as decorative objects and paintings, outline a classic picture taken from previous years, the bourgeois air being fully felt in this overflowing space. Lux is the word that also describes the kitchen.

The Italian white kitchen furniture, chosen by our specialists, whose design is a special, carefully crafted, with remarkable details, is in line with that of the kitchen table and the seats, both in terms of color and materials. The Italian luxury chandelier with suspended crystals instills space in a delicate and elegant air. The adjoining relaxation space, which includes a dark gray sofa in tune with the dark green of the drapes, is surprising for a space in the kitchen, but this idea of our Nobili Design specialists is based on the idea of meeting, party of free time with friends and family, which emphasizes the idea of classicism, when the idea of party cocktails or evening at home with friends was very common. Porcelain sandstone is carefully chosen, and the decorative paint on the walls, dark cream, also outlines the classic painting.

Nobili Design specialists have also set up a living room that overcame the classic features of the chosen Italian furniture, the white combo for the TV, the darkened upholstered sofa and the dark blue armchairs, similar to the color chosen for the draperies. The Italian crystal chandelier artificially illuminates the room, highlighting decorative objects such as decorative mirrors on the walls. The bedroom reveals a bohemian air, being a reassuring, warm and stylish space. The upholstered bedroom bed, along with classic Italian furniture with fine details, fills this space in a refined style. The layered parquet, along with decorative objects such as the decorative mirror, the vases, the lamps, along with the decorative wall paint chromaticity of the walls and the Italian crystal chandelier mark this space, the general note being a classic one, decorated with style.

The bathroom was designed by architects Nobili Design in a specific classical vision. The choice of colors for both bathroom furniture and luxury tiles refers to beige, cream and light brown, which are designed to mark the privacy of the space. It has been opted for a glass shower cabinet and glass bathroom furniture, which has the function of giving elegance and elegance.

The interior design project consisting of a classical classic house in Istanbul is a passionate project by Nobili Design specialists.

Interior design classic house Istanbul