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Interior design modern house in Istanbul

The design of the interior design house in Istanbul was made by the specialists from Nobili Design in modern style. The belonging of a home to modern style must include respecting some of the essential principles or traits of this style. Thus, its specificity is the preference of materials such as glass, wood or metal.

Interior modern classical design house in Istanbul

It is not desirable to load the space excessively, so that every furniture or decoration object has a well-defined role. Pragmatism and functionality are the words that describe this style. Nobili Design specialists have checked these features in the interior design project consisting of a modern home in Istanbul, resulting in a special modern project.

For a good functionality and an organization that suggests balance, it has been chosen to fit the living and the kitchen in an open-space way. The idea of space and light is also given by the presence of an Italian layered parquet, chosen by our specialists in a warm beige color that enhances the sense of order and enlightenment. The sofa and armchairs are modern, the living room is arranged in a simple but very warm way. This sensation is also given by the presence of a fireplace that inspires the idea of cozy. The decorative wallpaper with a vertical design shows the chromaticity of the entire space, beige and light brown.

The kitchen is designed in a novel style, modernism being also suggested by the presence of incorporated appliances or even electronic ones, such as a flat suspended TV screen. Meals can be served either separately, in a specially designed area with Italian table and chairs, or even in the kitchen, and there is an island used both as a working and dining space. The same Italian high quality laminated parquet Gazzotti Italy has been used continuously with the one in the living room. The lobby features modern details by choosing a solid, tall, dark brown furniture with mirrors, and the light-colored marble-colored grille illuminates the space.

The matrimonial bedroom is arranged in a simple but special and unusual style. Thus, modern furniture is presented in the form of a modern, simple bed, but also of cabinets and bedside tables in brown and white, the color patch being represented by the green shelf. Simple details like modern paintings or modern lustrate enhance the idea of modernity, instilling space in a fresh and intimate atmosphere.

The other two bedrooms are decorated in the same style, distinguished by the chrome chosen for curtains or furniture. The light colored flooring gives the feeling of great space, and the white color chosen for the furniture gives it a stylish and modern air. The presence of vivid colors as well as decorative objects such as carpets or paintings have the role of warming up space and turning it into a pleasant environment.

The bathroom was designed in the same modern style, opting for the design by Nobili Design architects for a simple but relaxing and comfortable design. The transparent glass shower enclosure is a modern air, and the beige and light gray tiles have been chosen especially for the note they give space. The sink built in the light-colored furniture and the spacious mirror enhance the sense of modernity. The interior design project of the modern house in Istanbul is a special project made by the specialists from Nobili Design in a special manner.

Interior design modern house in Istanbul