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Interior design classic house Istanbul

Interior design classic house Istanbul Nobili Design specialists have made the interior design project classic house in Istanbul, highlighting the most beautiful features of classicism.

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Interior design classic house in Istanbul

The influence of classicism has long dominated the sphere of interior design. At present, this style is still chosen by most people for its uniqueness.

If other styles can combine elements of modernism, neo-modernism, etc., classicism is unique from the perspective of the imprint. The interior design of the classic house in Istanbul made by the remarkable architects from Nobili Design impresses with beauty, delicacy and refinement. The space in the living room is an exceptional one, its interior arrangement being based on strictly classic elements. Classic Italian white and wenge furniture, classic beige sofa, decorative profiles, high-quality layered parquet, imposing chandelier are just some of the elements carefully chosen by Nobili Design architects.

In order to create a warm and delicate environment, our specialists added color for the armchair and decorative cushions, decorative elements such as plants, designed to instill the life of the house, pictures and elegant mirrors, lamps and decoration items. The element of innovation in this space is the electric fireplace, which offers the warmth of the living room, both in its own right and in its figurative sense.

The kitchen outlines an ambient space, also setting up a practical area. Thus, it has been chosen for a classic white Italian furniture designed to provide a sense of cleanliness, cleanness and elegance, a Gazzotti Italy stratified parquet, the color of which is similar to the Italian embedded appliances, renowned for superior quality. The kitchen is also visually improved by inserting fine design objects, such as arrangements, plants, table and upholstered seats, revealing a bohemian air. The bedroom inspired a state of relaxation and comfort, its interior arrangement keeping the classical details.

The furniture is classic, the bed is upholstered, white, the same color with the wardrobe for TV and table with mirror for the ladies. There has also been added to this space a table and a classic armchair, to frame a typical classic image. The chosen parquet is layered in accordance with the decorative painting of the wall paint and the decorative textile wallpaper included in the decorative profiles. Adjacent to this space, Nobili Design interior design studio designers have designed a classic white dressing to give a sense of order and space.

The living room was designed both as a relaxation space, considering the presence of a classic beige sofa, but also as an office space, including an office. And in this room there are wonderful details, such as the wooden library or small paintings on the wall. The bathroom offers the feeling of a pleasant, intimate, relaxing environment, because it has been chosen a warm chromaticity, given by the color of the tile and the faience, but also for the chosen bathroom furniture. Besides the built-in sink, there is a built-in tub, strategically located to create the idea of an airy space. At the same time, the chandelier and suspended lamps give elegance and delicacy.

Often the design of a classic design may seem impossible, due to all the requirements that must be strictly followed in this style, but the Nobili Design specialists have fulfilled these requirements professionally, the project being set up in Istanbul as a proof of their experience.

Interior design classic house Istanbul