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Interior design classic house in Istanbul

The design by architects from Nobili Design consisting of interior design classic house in Istanbul presents a refined and elegant ambience.

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Ever since ancient times, people have been preoccupied with arranging their living spaces, not having importance what kind of space, trying to create a relaxing atmosphere for everyday living. Thus, the classic style was the choice of the majority, as the details found in this style enhance the comfort of the space, making it a delicate, warm and comfortable environment.

Later style has grown so much so that now the most luxurious and refined interior design is the result of classic style. Nobili Design specialists have captured a unique environment in the living space of the house. Thus, the integration of Italian classical white furniture and a classical gray light gray sofa with dark gray armchairs have been the source of inspiration for our specialists. They have opted for a gray Gazzotti Italy stratified parquet in accordance with the rest of the chosen colors but also with the curtains.

The elegance of the space is also given by the luxury Italian chandelier Ideal Lux Italia, but also by the electric fireplace or chosen design objects such as plants, vases, decorative pillows, paintings. Adjacent to the living area, another relaxation area was arranged, bounded by a classical decorative support with table and chairs, and a mini-bar. The kitchen was furnished with classic Italian white and brown furniture. A part of it is suspended to provide balance and proportionality, and the other fixed part of it also includes the built-in appliances, thus offering the classical style of utility and functionality of the kitchen.

Also at its center there is an island, which can be used both as a working space and also as adining area. The selected layered parquet is dark gray, complementary to that of light gray curtains. The illumination takes place via the two suspended lamps, but also via the lights incorporated into the ceiling. The bedrooms are spacious and elegant. It was preferred to choose classic, upholstered, Francesco Passi Italia dormitory beds for the elegance that exudes. The rest of the furniture, consisting of cabinets, tables or armchairs, retains the same sense of elegance.

Besides the gray color chosen for parquet, or the white for furniture, there are also beige, brown or dark cream. And in these spaces, emphasis was placed on the details and the shaping of a stylish classic environment by the insertion of decorative objects, plants, decorative lamps, decorative paintings or mirrors. Also, if the first bedroom was chosen to use a wardrobe, the second bedroom was chosen for a decorative wallpaper with precious details. Nobili Design specialists have also arranged a dressing room, designed with classic, white, classy, classic furniture, on both sides of the space, to facilitate its use.

The classic house design project in Istanbul represents a significant project for the classic style, style that will never be out of style, on the contrary, it will always shine.

Interior design classic house in Istanbul