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Modern interior design in Istanbul

Modern interior design interior design fulfilled by Nobili Design specialists in Istanbul.

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Modern style is getting more and more ground in choosing it for the interior design of the house. The choice of modern style is at the hands of any person, characterized by pragmatism, utility, functionality and organization.

Thus, each chosen object has its own use, lacking the flashy details characteristic of other design styles. Architects from Nobili Design have arranged in Istanbul a modern and practical home. So, with regard to the living room of the house located on the ground floor, the wood was mainly used, both for the light wood floor layered parquet and for the furniture, namely the library, table and chairs. The modern gray sofa is assorted with that of the library, including colors like yellow, black or light brown, to create a modern optical image.

Decorative wall paint is light cream, with a decorative embossed brick wall selected for the main walls to illustrate and reinterpret this style. Ideal Lux Italy's modern chandeliers have a modern, sophisticated design, modern living space is complementary to modern black metallic design support, as well as creamy varnish curtains. The living area also includes a separate dining area. The kitchen is innovative designed, the air being a modern one due to the colors chosen for the furniture, respectively white and dark emerald green.

Appliances are incorporated into furniture, thus facilitating the use of the kitchen. It has been chosen for a layered wood flooring and a modern decorative wallpaper, but also for the installation of three suspended chandeliers for adequate lighting. The matrimonial bedroom is spacious, each element contributing to the creation of a completely modern environment. Thus, the modern Italian bed has a special design, with rectangular shapes, the wall of it being unpainted in gray tones. Gray is the color chosen for curtains, but also for carpet and glass cabinet.

The paintings, the armchair or the decorative lamp are some elements that provide a modern air of the room. The other two bedrooms retain the same modern note, both in terms of the main chosen colors, respectively warm and light blue, which are found in curtains, furniture and decorative elements. It has also been chosen the laminate wood flooring. Modern Italian furniture has geometric dimensions, vertical, horizontal, rectangular shapes, features that are essential and characteristic of modern style. The illumination of the spaces is done with the help of chandeliers and lamps with a modern and unique look, especially chosen.

Modernism also resides in secondary elements, such as the presence of glass, paintings and plants. For walls, a subtle decorative wallpaper with distinctive modern decorative designs was chosen. The bathroom combines contemporary looks of modern style with the presence of a simple white Italian bathroom and a shower made of glass, the favorite material of this style, along with wood. The ceramic tiles are simple, but a decorative tile pattern is preferred on the main wall to inspire a modern and distinguished air, the same aspect being inspired by the rectangular mirror of very large dimensions.

The interior design project of the modern home in Istanbul, made by designers at Nobili Design is the ideal choice of modern and innovative people.

Modern interior design in Istanbul