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Interior design for classic house in Istanbul

The interior design project made by architects from Nobili Design in Istanbul fits very well for this classical area.

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Interior design classic house in Istanbul

Classic style has always been the right choice for the interior design of a house with good taste and sophistication. Nobili Design specialists have opted for a grand, classic, luxury design. At the same time, the characteristics of this style and the specific details were taken into account, so the experience of the architects transposed this project into a particularly valuable one.

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The ground floor has a spacious, elegant and imposing living room, at the same time, due to the elements that have been chosen to inspire this space. Thus, the classical classic sofas and classic Italian armchairs, the Francesco Passi Italy table and chairs, the white cabinet and classic white TV make up a distinguished and refined space. The chosen layered parquet has the role of fixing all these elements by offering a calm and quiet state, considering the chosen color. As far as the room color is concerned, it is known that the classic style is attributable to the simple, warm, pastel colors that give space refinement. Thus, white furniture for both table and chairs, as well as the TV combo and cabinet, was chosen, while the classical sofa and classic armchairs are dressed in a light blue color with decorative details specific to this style.

The vision of the specialists was to create an unloaded space, thus creating two distinct spaces, one for relaxation and one for dinner. Decorative bowls, decorative profiles, and decorative paint for creamy walls are seemingly small details, but they are of particular importance. Besides these, the design of the classic style was made by designers from the interior design studio and by the insertion of some decorating items such as plants, vapours, vases, books, decorative bowls, all lit by a classic Italian chandelier. The interior doors are made of solid wood, their color giving the whole house bohemian and refined air.

Also the parquet of the whole house is high-quality layered, the color of which allows the creation of an optical image of ventilation, space, warmth and comfort. The second relaxation area of the house presents a sophisticated and stylish space. The same styles have been chosen for classical furniture, the same high quality parquet, with different colors, textures and decors. Thus, the same classic beige-cream colors are found, but there is also a drop of color or green color chosen for decorative cushions and curtains. And this space was delimited for a relaxation area and for a dining area.

The role of the decoration objects was also seen in this room, not including plants, vases, decorative profiles, lamellae and veiozes, along with the Italian luxury chandelier suspended, which lightens the space pleasantly. Our architects from Nobili Design have been able to decorate the space in a divine way, with special details, decorative mirrors, paintings, decorations, plants, decorative wall profiles, all designed to create a classic environment, exiting the feeling of warmth, balance and comfort.

Interior design for classic house in Istanbul