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Interior design classic house in Istanbul

The interior house design project in Istanbul, made by our specialists at Nobili Design, was based on classical style reasons.

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Interior classic design house Istanbul

Although the classic style was rooted on the idea of simplicity, at present classical style enjoys specific features, characterized by elegance, comfort and convenience. The classic vision of the architects from the Nobili Design interior design studio for the interior design of the upstairs house in Istanbul transformed this project into a luxurious, elegant ambience, able to surprise the classic style as it was defined, over time.

The interior layout of the ground floor of the house has a special focus on both the chosen furniture and its positioning, the color of the space or the decoration objects used. Thus, with regard to the chosen furniture, it is a classic Italian furniture, luxurious sofas in light gray, Italian massive wood library with special creamy color details. We can see that our specialists have arranged the living room in two open areas, the lounge area and a dining area, where there is also a bar, arranged in a luxurious and refined style. The specialists have opted for a shiny porcelain gorgeous marble-like porcelain tile, which together with Ideal Lux Italy's crystal chandeliers enhance the idea of luxury, comfort and refinement. The decoration details and objects are specific to the classic style, which is why architects from Nobili Design have added details with the presence of plants, vases, lamps or decorative mirrors.

The ground floor is also intended for a hall, arranged as the waiting area, so there is a classic blue-green sofa, furniture and decoration items. The stairs are made of wood and glass, showing fine decorative details, outlining the idea of elegance and good taste, specific to the classic style. The bedroom also denotes elegance and delicacy. The Italian white upholstered bed enhances the idea of luxury and blends perfectly with classic Italian furnishings such as table set, bedside tables, TV combo, armchair or crystal chandelier. The parquet is layered, and decorative wall paint as well as decorative profiles combined with complementary colors, beige-gray-dark gray accentuate the idea of a space of relaxation, peace and warmth.

And in this space designers from Nobili Design have animated too the room with decorative objects, lamps and decorative mirrors. Adjacent to this space, the architects have also set up an elegant dressing room with Italian classical white furniture, which gives the feeling of ventilation, cleaning. The design of the bathroom implied the design of an intimate space, our designers opting for an Italian classic tile, light colors, beige and cream, with precious details, sink and classic white Italian furniture, along with a specific decorative mirror by designing the classic style.

The design of the interior design of the classic style house in Istanbul implied an impeccable analysis, research and organization of Nobili Design designers, who managed to make their mark in a special way, making this project a real work of art, worthy of a current classicism.

Interior design classic house in Istanbul