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Interior classic design house Istanbul

The classical interior design project made by the specialists at Nobili Design in Istanbul represents an ample project that overcomes the fine features of classicism.

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Interior design classical house in Istanbul

The layout of a space involves several stages. First of all, the choice of style is the most important, in order to draw the following actions.

After choosing the style, in the classical style, the interior design must cover the choice of materials used for parquet, ceramic tiles, wall paint, mobile, home appliances, decoration, textiles, bathroom furniture, and so on, followed by incorporation and combining them for a final result. The living room designed by architects at Nobili Design was designed in a classic style, as is the whole house. It has been chosen as a classic Italian furniture, and an Italian sofa upholstered in purple color, giving the life of space, a classic white furniture, beige upholstered armchairs.

The marble-porcelain porcelain tiles give elegance and brilliance to the space, and the draperies and color chosen, along with the sofa and armchairs, along with the large chandelier Ideal Lux Italia give a classic and elegant note to the whole space. The kitchen features subtle details specific to the classic style, starting with decorative cornices, decorative wallpaper and culminating with the massive kitchen furniture, the Francesco Passi Italia brand, carefully chosen due to its classical and refined details.

Nobili Design specialists have incorporated Smeg's appliances into the kitchen furniture, thus integrating space into a single unit. The predominant color in this space is white and cream, the colors of the classic style. The bedrooms arranged by our architects are defined by grandeur, elegance and harmony. The furniture is classic, Italian, with details of remarkable beauty. The upholstered beds are a symbol of delicacy and luxury, chandeliers and chandeliers hanging from Ideal Lux Italia complete this sensation. The Gazzoti Italy layered parquet strips with the warm color and the balance they give to them.

Also, Nobili Design specialists warmly place these spaces through decorative objects, such as decorative mirrors, decorations, decorative cornices, lamps, paintings and decorative plants. Each bedroom is complementary, the curtain color is chosen in the same way as bedding or decorating pillows. It can be noticed that the care for the details of our specialists is found in each bedroom, these being remarked both in terms of furniture and decorative profiles on the walls. In addition, the architects have also arranged a dressing room, bohemian air in this space being inspired by the classic Italian furniture, white cabinets, ordered and airy, classical sofa and large decorative mirror.

The bathroom captures an elegant classic ambience, the chosen ceramic tile accentuating this idea. The chosen tile and tile color is a warm color, a blend of beige, cream and light brown. The double sink has advantages as it can be used by people who choose this project, with a spacious decorative mirror chosen. A classical built-in bathtub was chosen, thus forming a picture of bohemian and warm air at the same time.

The specialists from Nobili Design managed to make a special project in Istanbul, arranging inside a special classical house.

Interior classic design house Istanbul