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Interior design classical house in Istanbul

Nobili Design specialists have designed the interior design of the classic house in Istanbul, taking into account the essential features of this style, resulting into a great project.

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Interior design classic house Istanbul

Thus, Nobili design interior design architects managed to capture the interior of the classic house in Istanbul, as a simple, warm and elegant ambience. The interior design of a classic style space requires thorough knowledge and perfect application of colors, textures, materials, and any other elements that shape this style to avoid unnecessary loading of space.

The interior design of the space made by our interior design studio implied a complex vision, imagined to the smallest detail. The entry of the space reveals a spacious, bright living room, the general note being a warm one, the goal pursued by the architects at Nobili Design being that to create a special interior comfort, by belonging to a space called "home". The general color is specific to the classic style, including the cream, beige, white and light gray colors. With regard to the chosen mobile, our specialists have opted for classical white Italian furniture, namely a simple, comfortable white TV, a classic Italian style beige sofa and armchair, this lounge area being an open-space, bounded by the area kitchen and dining table, where the table and chairs can be found, the chosen color being all white along with the living room.

The kitchen is characterized by elegance and style, thanks to the Francesco Passi Italia kitchen furniture, white, meaningful for the classic style, but also due to the Smeg branded home appliances, characterized by quality and durability. The chosen parquet is an Italian one, stratified, with a warm color, which helps to create a feeling of big, clean space. The warm aspect of the living room is also given by the white electric fireplace. In this space are found objects of decoration, which complete it, namely the paintings, the decorative cushions, the plants. The lighting of the living room takes place naturally through the large windows, whose curtains and veils chosen by our designers reflect elegance and sophistication, but also artificially through the Italian branded chandelier that is remarkable for its elegance.

Adjacent to the living room there is another living room, which was designed by our architects in a relatively simple but colorful and elegant note. The color of the layered parquet is reflected in the mirror with that chosen for curtains, the classic Italian sofa being the main object of attention in this space due to the chosen color, being highlighted by the details chosen for the interior wallpaper. The same way as the rest, this room was chosen by our architects to a classical white furniture, accentuating the state of elegance and comfort. The interior design of the bedroom keeps the same details embedded throughout the room, the ambience of this space being refined and cozy. The chosen furniture is classical, also white, with very special details, classic Italian upholstered bed complete this space, design and color.

The parquet is layered, its color, along with the color of the wallpaper and the drapery, confers unity and warmth. As for the interior fitting of the bathroom, Nobili Design specialists have opted for a simple bathroom with bathtub, sink, floor-to-ceiling bathroom furniture, Mirage Italy ceramic tiles chosen for subtle details that give this intimidated and elegant space .

The interior design project made by our specialists, consisting of the interior design of the classical house in Istanbul, represents a great project that outlines the classic style in a professional way.

Interior design classical house in Istanbul