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Modern interior design project house Istanbul

Our specialists from Nobili Design have made a modern interior design project for the house in Istanbul, managing to capture a casual and professional environment.

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Modernism, the style in opposition to classicism, differs from it in a multitude of aspects, making this current a special and different one. Although both the modern style and the classic style have similarities that are based on elegance and refinement, the modern style is not attributable to the special details and the increased attention to decoration objects, perfect color symmetry and balanced organization. Modern style was chosen by our specialists for the Istanbul interior design project, this space being thus impregnated with simplicity, clarity and maximum functionality.

There are the main elements that characterize modernism, namely glass, the idea of open-space and opening, metal profiles and rectangular shapes, either from the vertical or horizontal perspective. The living space of the room emanates a modern air, as the arrangement of furniture is liberally organized, and the note describing the space is a cozy one. It is divided into two spaces, one for lounge and the other for dining. The organization of open space is one of the characteristics of modernism.

The colors chosen for the walls, white, beige, gray and cream furnishings, along with the aquamarine-turquoise of the curtains, reconfigure the idea of modernism. It can be noticed that our specialists from Nobili Design did not fill the space unintentionally with multiple decoration objects and there are no special details that characterize the classic style, the Latin adage "non multa sed multum" being the principle chosen by our specialists, namely "not many things, but much", respectively, the quality and good taste. The natural light is emphatic, the space is aired, and each chosen object has its own utility.

The kitchen is also modern in every aspects. Its orientation is modern, it is softly furnished and in the center of the space there is an island, which can be used both as a dining place and as a working space. The colors chosen in the kitchen are brown, white, gray marble countertop and a drop of color, the sign of modernism, respectively the red color for the horizontal forms of support. The two bedrooms have been decorated with style, the furniture being of high quality, Italian. Their arrangement is practical, creating a modern environment, lack of overloading elements and simplicity shaping in these spaces underline the very purpose of the bedrooms, that one - of rest.

The colors chosen are modern, namely a mixture of oxidized tin-anthracite and blue cobalt, in balance with white, gray and brown. Curtains are an element of modernism with their chosen color, turquoise and yellow, and the library of books, the chair and the table are the only items found alongside those indispensable for the bedroom. As far as the bathroom is concerned, the space was furnished with a bath and a half, a bathroom with a shower cabin and a double sink, along with a 1/2 bath. They do not have decoration objects, they are not loaded, the style is modern, the chosen colors arecontinuous, respectively beige, cream and brown.

The modern interior design project in Istanbul, designed by our specialists, is a special, personal project that addresses to a special category of people, namely those visionary, passionate about modern art, eager for an open space, decorated with style, because modern style is a seemingly simple but compact one.

Modern interior design project house Istanbul