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Classic villa in Istanbul - Luxury villa interior design

The term new classic entails combining modern elements that are the perfect blend between elegance and artistry. The interior design specialists suggest that when it comes to this type of decor, the owners should opt for really avant-garde materials as well as colors. If you wish to adorn your entire house in this new classic style or if you simply are looking to redecorate your bedroom or living area, the interior design specialists have all the solutions at hand.

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Their ideas and suggestions will satisfy even the most demanding client. A house or a flat decorated in the new classic style means a perfect symmetry, visually speaking. We are referring here to the overall decorations, this means the furniture and other types of products that will adorn each room. The specialists recommend this type of style for a house that has a vast space to offer as far as the room perimeter is concerned. The new classic decorative style means a very luminous space with elegant yet basic pieces. For the living room area for instance, you should choose furniture made out of mdf or even a more classical one in a really bright shade. In a mansion or a house decorated in the new classic style, metal and plastic decoration pieces or furniture will definitely be key elements.

They will also have a slightly rough and tumble touch. The decoration pieces should not be as many, however this all depends on the owner's personal choices as well as the vision the latter has regarding the new classic style. For the living room area, the designer may also suggest placing the table in front of a window. It is important to recall that light plays a very important part in this type of new classic decor, thus the strategically table setting. As for the hardwood flooring, you can opt for sturdy wood or for a multi-layered onei instead.

The tapestry work of the chairs should include the finest fabrics and the table should either be an oval shaped one or a rectangular one. As for the lamp housing aspect, you get to choose some neat globe-lights or chandeliers all over the hallway. A new classic kitchen for instance will always be an open space that will lead straight into the living room area. The specialists will recommend nude hues for the walls and when it comes to the kitchen appliances, the embedded Smeg-Franke ones will be the ideal choice for a new classic kitchen. So, either you want this decorating project for a house, a flat or merely one room in your house it is advisable to look for the services of a professional in the interior design business.

This way you can make sure that the interior design style will be envisioned by a true professional, one that will stick to the lines of the new classic style but will also keep in mind your personal preferences and wishes.