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Interior design for classic house Fener Istanbul

Interior Design Portfolio by Nobili Design for a classic luxury home in Istanbul. Concept of interior design by architect designer Gabriela Nechifor in Istanbul. The engineers and architects that are part of the Nobili Design team are proud to have a vast portfolio of projects for different types of residential properties and more.

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A classic house implies a lot of detailed work and a in-depth study of each house. Each project is discussed beforehand with the client, because his wishes and his vision are the primary source of inspiration for the team at Nobili Design. The classic interior design style has remained just as popular as it was in the previous years and it continues to be at the top of the owners’ wish list when it comes to designing mansions and houses.

The specialists from the interior design firm work solely with the top Italian manufacturers, so each furniture piece chosen for a classic house will certainly be a top selection. This type of furniture is beautifully adorned and it is quite imposing which will surprise you with its sculpted details and curvy lines, no matter if we are talking about sofas, dressings or tables and chairs. In order for the entire ambiance to evoke that refinement and classic allure, the specialists suggest massive light-colored furniture manufactured in Italy. These manufacturing companies for classic furniture have superior materials and the execution of these pieces is flawless.

As for the rest of the elements regarding the interior design of a classic house, the multi-layered wood flooring is a must-have in this type of house. Ceilings with decorative perches or integrating columns in the living are just a few characteristics that help identify a classic household property. Of course, everything depends on the client’s personal preferences and how much he wants to suggest the classic interior design style in the rooms. The representative colors of a house decorated in the classic style are usually warm and neutral hues but for a more glitzy allure, another suggestion would consists of small metallic accents.

For instance, an imposing porcelain or crystal chandelier, would be a true statement piece in the living room of a classic interior design house. Sconces and other lighting pieces may be strategically placed either in the bedroom, the kitchen area or on the hallways of the house. Let’s not leave out the statement mirrors which will beautifully adorn any room. Designing a house in the classic style is all about choosing the right decoration pieces which should be equally as luxurious and refined. The vast array of furniture items, lighting installations offered by Nobili Design, llows you to choose such distinguished elements.

Each choice will be easier due to the advice and the suggestion of a team of specialists which will help create a classic house style, just as you’ve envisioned.