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Modern interior design style for apartment in Istanbul

The modern style apartments in Istanbul, which bear the mark of Nobili Design showcase residential projects which follow the current tendencies in interior design style. Those who own such estates opt for this interior design style because they want big spaces, which are decorated with good taste and creativity and last but not least, focus on functionality. If you are thinking of redecorating you mansion, in Istanbul, the Nobili Design team supports you with the implementation of this of architectural project.

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The architects and the designers that are part of this project apply personalized solutions in order to create the ideal space. Usually the housing project with a modern type of architecture combines minimalist elements anything from lighting installations to materials and finishing touches that give the feeling of a welcoming house, but one that is up-to-date. A modern style involves knowing all the seasonal novelties, something that the specialists are quite familiar with in order to create a dreamy place.

The living room in a modern two-storey house in Istanbul can showcase the following pieces: white or cream mdf furniture, a coffee table made out of premium materials, either glass or marble, lighting fixtures for the ceiling or even stainless steel scones and a multi-layered wooden floor as well as modern inspired decorations. These are just a couple of suggestions regarding the modern interior design style of a apartment, however the designers can joggle with certain textures and shapes in order the achieve the modern allure the owner of the house wants.

The bedroom can continue in same line as far as the neutral chromatics, however for those who are bolder, small pops of color can also be found in this room. Specialists suggest a panel bed or even some furnished armchairs in non-conventional prints and vivid shades, for something truly innovative. Paintings and glass decorations or other types of materials which makes us think of modernism can be added in the living room as well as the bedroom. If in the two-storey house you have a generous kitchen space, the experts can rethink this room as an island type one with marble counter top and custom made furniture.

The manufactures from the premium range can provide all the necessary accessories for designing a very modern kitchen. Each choice is based on the client’s budget, and due to experts that will advise you in the management of costs, your interior design project will be a success. The interior design projects that involve modern apartments in Istanbul, under the Nobili Design brand represent the change that you need.