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Interior design for modern and classic apartment in Istanbul

If you plan to redecorate your entire house in a certain interior design style or if you simply wish to re-compartmentalize an apartment with 2 or 3 rooms, you will need the input of specialists that will guide you. Nobili Design deals with interior design projects for mansions, two-storey houses, apartments as well as restaurants, coffee shops and other commercial properties. Being a leader in the field since 2008, the interior design projects we implement are based on practical and innovative solutions, everything for the comfort and satisfaction of the client.

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Once the client states his wishes regarding the interior design project, we will begin to elaborate each and every project in a3D format. Each material, each finishing touch and element included in the project are top quality ones. We collaborate with noteworthy manufactures from the business and each choice will be made under the close watch of the client. If you want a classic and luxurious chandelier or a certain personalized furniture piece, our specialists have the solution at hand to fulfill your needs. Our interior design services depend on the client’s vision. With a team of specialists behind every interior design project, the client will receive top recommendations and solutions for redecorating his apartment, mansion or house, regardless of the city.

The pricing starts at 11 euros per square meter, these normally vary depending on the space of the room, the number of rooms that need to be redecorated and of course de interior design style that has been chosen. Each interior design style requires a team effort, collaborations and the advice of experts. When we are referring to a classic and luxurious decoration style for a mansion, the investment for such a project is more substantial. The Italian furniture, the craftsmanship of each furniture piece, the selected finishes, quality materials and other decor elements, all make a difference.

The strategically placed pieces in each room are essential in order to create the perfect relaxation place, regardless of the fact that we are targeting the bedroom, the living area or the kitchen. Playing with the colors and shapes allows the designer to come up with the best solutions regarding the aesthetics and the functionality of the space. If you want an open space type of living or if you want to re-compartmentalize the bedroom or the bathroom, the team of professionals will come up with the best implementation strategies for your ideas.

Every single project is different and based on the work and the complexity of the interior design, either it’s a commercial or residential one, the client will receive the best offer as far as the final prices. We respect the client’s wishes and we comply with their demands and budget. Because they can rely on professionals that know how to handle any challenges that might come their way.