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Modern Dining Room Furniture » Luxury Living Room Furniture

The Venix collection combines unique design with functionality, allowing you to arrange an elegant dining room or a modern living room. The delicate details made of shiny metal highlight the charm of each piece of furniture. 

Modern console dining room Venix
Elegant living room sideboard TV Venix
Modern dining table Venix
Modern living room sofa Venix
Luxury living room furniture Venix
Modern living room furniture Venix
Luxury dining room furniture Venix

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Modern armchair Venix
Elegant console Venix
Comfortable living sofa Venix
Sideboard TV Venix
Modern table Venix
Stylish dining chair Venix

Eye-catching, original design, Venix Collection Fascinating, bright and shining structure adorns your living spaces with its monumental design. One of Elve’s unique designs with its refreshing effect in shiny metal details, the Venix Collection is the ultimate in aesthetic appearance.

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The specialized firm in interior design project, Nobili Design imports both the modern Venix sofa collection as well as others by the Elve brand. Contact the team of designers for more details regarding how to place an order regarding the Elve brand or simply request more information regarding the 3D interior design project.

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Collection Venix Dining Room brings a new breath to your life. Elegant designs crowned with fine workmanship and details.

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Venix Sofa Set has a refreshing effect in its view, a combination of luxury, elegant and stylish design. Decorative cushions, texture, craftsmanship details and eye-catching comfort to make your heart warm.