Furniture Luxury Brands Modern bedroom furniture Noir collection - Luxury Living Room

Modern bedroom furniture Noir collection - Luxury Living Room

The Noir collection is the ideal proposal for those who want a unique decor that reflects their personality. The furniture is highlighted by the harmonious combination of gray, cream, brown colors and with its stylish mirrors creating a vibrant atmosphere in your home. 

Luxury bed Noir
Luxury bedroom furniture Noir
Luxury living room furniture Noir
Luxury dining room Noir
Elegant dining room table Noir
Modern console dining room Noir
Elegant living room sofa Noir
Double bed Noir

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Modern armchair Noir
Accessory table Noir
Stylish 3-seater sofa Noir
Comfortable seat Noir
Four-door console Noir
Modern table Noir
Modern bed Noir
Dresser with four drawers Noir
Modern wardrobe Noir
Elegant commode with two drawers Noir

Combining functionality and aesthetics, the Noir Collection creates an atmosphere of comfort and eye-catching visualization while successfully realizing its luxurious style.

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Combining exceptional design with quality, Noir Concept creates a dreamy visual feast with its stylish mirrors, comfort and stylish console. Successfully applying the luxurious style, Noir Bedroom offers an atmosphere where you can relaxing in luxury. Extraordinary dresser design. The Elve brand has embellished architectural projects in Istanbul, Turkey for many years, Nobili Design having an ample portfolio of projects that targets houses and apartments that showcase the versatility of this luxury furniture brand.

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Noir Sofa Set is one of the most original models of luxury style. You are at the point where exceptional design meets quality. Unusual form, texture, color, stylish cushions and quilting details of hand work. Comfortable seats decorated with silver metal details and excellent polish by master hands. Noir wardrobe with its detailed design reveals a rich aspect. The details underlying the noble look of the Noir Dining Room.

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The specialized firm in interior design project, Nobili Design imports both the modern Noir sofa collection as well as others by the Elve brand. Contact the team of designers for more details regarding how to place an order regarding the Elve brand or simply request more information regarding the 3D interior design project.