Furniture Luxury Brands Luxury furniture Loren collection

Luxury furniture Loren collection

The Loren collection allows you to arrange the home according to your needs. The gray and cream tones together with the gold inserts highlight the special style of this collection. Every moment spent in your living room it will be a relaxing one in a good mood.

Modern armchair Loren
Luxury dining room furniture Loren
Elegant sideboard TV Loren

Price - 5.946,00 Euros 

Dining table Loren

Price - 6.487,00  Euros

Elegant living sofa Loren
Luxury living room Loren
Dining console Loren
Modern living room furniture Loren

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Modern living armchair Loren
Modern sofa Loren
Modern dining table Loren
Sideboard TV Loren
Luxury dining console Loren
Modern dining room chair Loren

The Loren Collection, which attracts attention with its aesthetic gold lines, dazzles with its shiny surface. Craftsmanship and the eyes of the eyes almost fascinates. Reflecting the concepts of ”Comfort”, “Splendor”, “Aesthetics” and “Luxury bir, the Loren Collection enhances the radiance of your eyes as well as the glitter of the place with its material quality and craftsmanship details of art work meticulousness.

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The Loren Dining Room combines luxury with Elve’s unique design. The golden design of the Loren dining and living room offering eye-catching brightness. Loren Tv Unit that successfully applies its luxurious style.The most beautiful details you can enjoy with your guests. The Elve brand has embellished architectural projects in Istanbul, Turkey for many years, Nobili Design having an ample portfolio of projects that targets houses and apartments that showcase the versatility of this luxury furniture brand.

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The specialized firm in interior design project, Nobili Design imports both the modern Loren sofa collection as well as others by the Elve brand. Contact the team of designers for more details regarding how to place an order regarding the Elve brand or simply request more information regarding the 3D interior design project.

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